Meet the Head

“Ruskin Academy is a creative, dynamic and innovative school that works in close partnership with its community to provide the very best educational experiences for our children.“

 - Nicky Kingsnorth

  • B.A. Primary Education  - Northampton University  (2012)
  • M.A. Educational Leadership and Change - Durham University (2020)
  • Teacher from 2012-2016
  • Director of Teaching and Learning - 2016-2018
  • Deputy Headteacher - 2018-2019
  • Head of school - 2019 -  

Ruskin Academy is a welcoming and bright school where the children are enthusiastic and engaged in their learning. They are motivated to succeed and the staff work hard to make sure that happens every single day. The children are at the heart of every decision we make and we do our utmost to ensure that they are happy and confident and that the opportunities that are provided for them are relevant to their needs both now and in the future.

Ruskin Junior_Headshots_152

What does leading a primary school mean to you?

As the Head of School, you have the unique opportunity to be the heartbeat of the school and steer the direction of your school and its curriculum.  It really is more than a job, you have the responsibility to empower, inspire and change the lives of 1,000s of students and staff. 


What is the one thing about Ruskin Academy you wish more people could see or experience?

I wish more people could witness the incredibly ambitious curriculum that we offer. We are really lucky to have such amazing children at Ruskin Academy and there really is no better feeling than the buzz in each classroom as they learn new skills and facts each day.

Ruskin Junior_004

What are you the most proud of achieving in your tenure as Head of School at Ruskin Academy?

Without doubt, the proudest achievement so far has been getting the best end of Key Stage Results in the history of the school.


‘We expect every child to attain the highest levels of academic achievement and believe all our children can be extremely successful learners. All pupils feel cared for because we provide a setting where every individual feels respected, valued and safe. All members of the school community, including parents and visitors, work together as a team to act responsibly, show courtesy, respect diversity and promote positive behaviour.’

- Nicky Kingsnorth